Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Old Year is but a Shadow

Buon Natale and God Jul and let there be sun or snow to suit - may big and little find peace, joy and reconciliation. 
All that is left of the year is a crust - a shadow. Let us go forward into the new year armed with good books, strong tea and Christmas cake. I want for myself there to be good swims, friends all around, a year of reading and writing, cooking, drawing and sewing, dog walks and long talks and letters in the post. To the northern you - bring on snow and sledding, carol singing and winter woolies. Go out and make a snow angel for me, drink hot cocoa and gather in the holly. The Antipodes holds dear this idea of the icy Christmas even as we sweat and swim!
Thank-you for reading this blog. And bless you if you left a comment last year. Please come again in 2013.