Monday, October 31, 2011

last night the rain came

Three days in a row the mercury edged toward 30 and we turned the ceiling fans on for the first time this season. We drank iced coffee. Pulled the blinds down. Shuttered the light out.

Then it rained.

Rain turns everything around. One minute it can be so hot I want to do nothing but throw myself on the couch and then the sky darkens, the wind swings around. Bad mood changes to good mood and I feel like a thirsty plant revived.

Outside the garden is rain washed. New mown only a week ago the grass comes over my boot tops today. I look around for small jobs. I want to be doing. I want to grub around in the dirt. I want to kneel – to tend seedlings tenderly – to have the damp sod soak through my trews at knees.

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